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CODEX LED is here to support you through and assist you to deliver every project with minimum fuss and maximum savings with its leading-edge products. 

LED lighting technology, often referred to as Solid State Lighting (SSL) has been around for a significant amount of time. 

CODEX LED products are at the leading edge of this technology. Our products include some of the most efficient LED lights in the UK. The majority of our product range is currently delivering a staggering 114 Lumen per watt, outperforming most of the major brands. 


The highest quality components are at the core of all CODEX LED products, the design and requirements for extremely high levels of efficiency and light quality have been influenced through our relationship with specialist installation contractors.  


CODEX LED’s commitment to integrating intelligent control within our LED lighting solutions allows our clients to maximise savings, prolonging the life of the product and be even more efficient. Lighting control can also significantly improve the aesthetics of a building, ensuring the lighting works in tune with the occupants. 


All CODEX LED products can be controlled whether that is through an individual integral solution or grouped control via Wireless RF, DALI or 1-10V Dimmable. 


The full CODEX LED range of products are available with an Emergency Lighting option in accordance with the requirements of shared spaces. We lead the way with our selftesting technology which reduces cost further and ensures that statutory testing is completed on time, every time. 


All CODEX LED products carry an extended 5-year warranty. All our products are carefully checked, tested and are subject to strict controls throughout the manufacturing process. 

Within the warranty period CODEX LED will repair, replace, rectify, or take back products, which CODEX LED deem to be defective because of a material or manufacturing fault. Any warranty claims should in the first instance be made in writing to 

Full details can be found in the CODEX LED Warranty terms and conditions. 


The full range of CODEX LED products are accompanied by detailed technical and performance information which can be downloaded as datasheets from the product pages of this website.
Efficiency is at the heart of our product range and this is demonstrated time again by the lumen to watt ratio delivered by the CODEX LED range of products. Understanding the technical information is an important part of the specification process. Here are some of the more common terms used within LED lighting and a brief explanation. 


How efficiently a light source converts electricity into light is described by efficacy, specifically by confirming the number of lumens per Watt. The higher the efficacy value the more efficient the light source uses electricity. 

All CODEX LED products operate in excess, of 100 lumen per watt providing outstanding light output at exceptionally efficient levels of power consumption. 

CCT – Colour Temperature  

The colour or warmth of white light is ranked on a scale – The Kelvin Scale. The warmer the colour the lower the colour temperature.  Candlelight is around 2000 degrees Kelvin (k) while daylight typically 5500 – 6500k. The majority of LEDs are produced to be either 2700k3000k (warm white), 4000k-4500k (natural white) or 4500k-6000k (cool white). 

CRI – Colour Rendering Index 

The performance of the product is also rated according to how well it shows colours. This is described by the Ra number where the higher the number the more accurately colours are shown. For most indoor work places a minimum of Ra80 is required. For general outdoor lighting Ra70 is more usual. Increasing the Ra number to 90 or above generally comes at the expense of a reduction in efficiency. 

LED Driver (LED Control Gear) 

The reliability of a LED luminaire is also dependent upon the driver. If this fails, the luminaire will also fail. Therefore, it is important to make sure the driver has a suitable rated life or is easily replaceable. 

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